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  • ECOFIT double inlet fan
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Accessories for ECOFIT fans

The ECOFIT fan regulator is especially designed to drive ECOFIT EC motorized wheels from diameter 180mm to 337mm.

It is an extension of the electronic of motors “G9” and “V8”. It allows to drive the motor through the fan regulator, to handle “constant airflow” or “constant pressure” curves.

A dedicated software allows to customize the constant pressure or constant airflow data. The software “ECOFIT fan regulator programmer” and the cable to connect your computer to the fan regulator are available in ECOFIT.

A pressure sensor is integrated in the fan regulator, in order to deliver to the micro-controller differential pressure information.

The control cable of the motor is wired to the fan regulator. A new control cable is wired to the fan regulator and becomes the new user interface. It is dedicated to drive the pressure or the airflow via a potentiometer or a 0-10V signal.

For constant pressure, standard inlet cones are OK.

For constant air flow (see above figure), it is necessary to integrate below specific inlet cones dedicated to measure the pressure in the inlet cone.





ECOFIT Fan Regulator part numbers:

Pressure range +/-250Pa : SF41068

Pressure range +/-500Pa : SF41064

Pressure range +/-1000Pa : SF41069

G9 motor is designed to be powered by 230V50/60Hz or 120V50/60Hz.

V8 motor is designed to be powered by 200-277V50/60Hz.