• Ventilateur centrifuge double ouïe

Company profile

Founded in 1976, ECOFIT which became ROSENBERG VENDOME, designs, manufactures and sells electrical motors and fans.

Since 40 years, our specific know-how in electrical motors and fans provides an expertise to offer smart solutions for any ventilation application.

Since 1981 we developed our know-how around external rotor motor technologies.

This has led us to offer a wide range of standard products as well as specific solutions for all kind of air movement applications, ventilation, air conditioning, drying, humidifying, heating, cooling, and refrigerating or filtration purposes.

Our success factors

We first focus on technical exchanges with our customers to allow our know-how to offer a real value added for a customised solution meeting outstanding quality standards.

Our laboratory is perfectly equipped to offer the best service with all the necessary accuracy. A flexible approach allows a narrow cooperation with customer’s development team for a better time to market realization.


Executive management : Didier Deshayes

Application examples