New E-Wheel impeller diameter 250

A better efficiency thank to our new impeller generation

ECOFIT launches its first centrifugal backward fans with E-Wheel impeller diameter 250 mm.

Better efficiency, lower noise, we introduce the new backward impeller 250 mm of the E-wheel range.


Better efficiency:

With the ECOFIT AC motor , this impeller exceeds the FMEG62 required by ErP 2015 lot 11 to reach an FMEG of 65.


Lower noise:

The noise level is reduced, particularly in the middle of the curve where the benefit is higher than 3dBA.


Use the inlet cone 16234 to take advantage of the E-wheel impeller 250 mm.

The E-wheel motor-impeller 250 mm with EC motors will be introduced very soon.

Following the E-wheel impeller diameter 250 mm, we will launch the impellers 280, 225 and 192 mm.


Click below to see the characteristics of our new fans:

P18-A0 - 2RRE45 250x50RQ13-A0 - 2RREu45 250x50RQ13-A1 - 2RREu45 250x50R (120V)