• Ventilateur centrifuge double ouïe

New EC centrifugal fans

GDSV8 160x242L with constant pressure function

Two new EC double inlet centrifugal fans complete the ECOFIT 160x242L family thanks to their constant pressure function: the fan maintains a constant pressure in your system whatever the flow rate required. This allows a permanent air renewal and a better acoustic comfort.

As always, with EC technology, you can 

  • easily install our fans regardless of the electrical network
  • save energy by optimizing your power consumption thanks to the fan speed control: modulate the airflow thanks to a wide range of speed adjustable by 0-10V or PWM signal according to the immediate need linked to the environment of your application.
  • optimize your maintenance thanks to the integrated monitoring and safety functions which will allow you to know in real time the operating status of the unit
  • comply with the 2009/125/EG (ErP) Directive "Energy related Products" thanks to the energy efficiency of our fans

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