E-WHEEL 192x40R

New centrifugal backward ECOFIT fans

Our backward impellers 192x40R are now replaced by new generation E-wheel impellers.

Their blades are specially designed to:

  • improve the ventilation efficiency and save energy
  • improve the acoustic comfort

Please find below the replaced fans:

Ancien code article Nouveau code article
B47-A1 U24-A2
B47-A2 U24-A7
C36-A3 U24-A9
K49-A4 U24-A3
L38-B2 U24-B7
N03-A2 U24-B8
H42-A0 U24-C3
N50-A6 U24-B9
C41-A4 U24-B0
N50-A0 U24-C0