Focus on the ECOFIT RRM centrifugal fans

The ECOFIT RRM is made up of a centrifugal backward curved fan (RRE) mounted to a galvanized steel flange featuring an integrated inlet ring. The complete assembly is delivered ready to install. Just drop it in your application and secure with fasteners. It will ensure optimal airflow in clean rooms, fume hoods, HVAC systems and equipment cooling.


  • Significantly saves customers installation and maintenance time
  • Provides optimal airflow with no airflow loss between the air inlet and the impeller
  • Significantly saves customers adjustment time inherent to a traditional design

They are available with

  • AC motors or EC motors which provide an easier control and a higher efficiency
  • Impeller diameters of 192, 220, 225, 250, 280mm
  • Class F, or Class F UL

Courbes ventilateurs RRM ECOFIT