Axial Fans Diameter 350 ErP compliant

ECOFIT axial fans conform to 2015 ErP European directive

European directive ErP (Energy Regulated Products) 2015 aim is to reduce the energy consumption of fans using motors with power between 125W and 500kW. ECOFIT has developped new fans to replace our former axial fans 4 poles diameter 350 mm not ErP compliant. Please find below the details about the new part numbers:

Former part number
New part number
4VRE45 350A B22-C6 P28-A4
4VRE45 350V B22-C7 P28-A5
4VGR45 350A B22-H8 P28-A6
4VGR45 350V B22-I2 P28-A7
4VPR45 350A B22-H9 P28-A8
4VPR45 350V B22-I3 P28-A9
4VGV45 350A B22-I0 N08-A3
4VGV45 350V B22-I4 P28-B0
4VGC45 350A B22-I1 P28-B1
4VGC45 350V B22-I5 P28-B2